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micky422015.03.06 - 11:19AM1: Signed
I have always thought , that Hermione had a darker side.

Author's Response: People crack sometimes under all the stress. Don't mess with Hermione! Thank you for the review. Helena

adelgado2014.04.09 - 02:08AM1: Signed
is Ron dead too? If not I hope she doesn't take him back.

Author's Response: He's good and alive. In my imagination, this is pre-DH so he'll need to be along for the traipse through the woods. Something tells me she wouldn't take him back if he was the last man alive! Thanks for reviewing.

snoopy2014.04.04 - 05:46PM1: Signed
loved it, thank you

Author's Response: :) I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!

loreen772014.04.03 - 10:07PM1: Signed
Very dark and intense, well written.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you found it intense.

jaemistoryteller2014.04.03 - 04:22PM1: Signed
Wow, that's can think to say is wow. *shakes head* I was actually chuckling at the end of this because I can see her doing just that. Thank you for writing.

Author's Response: You are most welcome! I'm glad you had such a bewildered response. Caught you for a loop, I did :)

MlleGigi2014.04.03 - 11:35AM1: Signed
The interesting thing about this story is that it leaves room for doubt concerning where Severus's true loyalties lie...or at least it does for me. Hermione has become someone who can kill...and from the sound of it, someone who's capable of doing so for revenge (not too hard to imagine that she killed Lavender rather than Ron...especially since I find that women in that situation tend to direct most of their anger at the other woman rather than at the cheating boyfriend). So has Severus turned her into a creature like him so that she can become another spy against the Death Eaters...or so that she can be used against Harry?

Author's Response: ***Smiles!*** Great review, thank you! When I was writing this, in my little bitty mind, I was thinking that Snape's goal was to help her regain her confidence to the point that she would be competent during the year they would be on the run hunting Horcruxes. When he realized she had gained both the confidence and cunning to ruthlessly kill someone, he knew that if they ran into Snatchers she wouldn't hesitate to through an AK. When I originally posted this on LJ I was shocked at the number of reviews, just like yours, that all interpreted the story differently. I'm glad you liked it!

TequilaNervous2014.04.03 - 10:45AM1: Signed
Too bad you already ended it...this story has a lot of potential!! Still I like it very much! I like that you left to the reader's imagination who's the victim...

Author's Response: Lavender was the intended victim! Thanks for reviewing it.

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