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Reviews for Merinthophilia

Littlebigmouth2015.02.17 - 01:03AM1: WaitingSigned
Out of curiosity I went over to Amazon and typed in Clone a Willy. OMG its real! Not only that you can get refills for it and it even comes in chocolate! And for a few dollars more you can make one that vibrates.

Author's Response: Yup!! The world is crazy :-D

deedeebug952015.02.13 - 08:57PM3: No More WaitingSigned
Hot Damn!!

Author's Response: Thank you!! :-D

CharmedArtist2014.08.11 - 04:47PM3: No More WaitingSigned
*whistles slowly*

Author's Response: Thank you!!!!! ♥ ;)

Perry Downing2014.08.07 - 09:51PM3: No More WaitingSigned
I honestly think pegging could save so many relationships. Straight men simply cannot understand the vulnerability of being penetrated and straight women cannot understand the responsibility of penetrating. I learned more about Mr. Downing the night we gave it a whirl than I had during our first year together. It was as if I'd comprehended thousands of years of patriarchy in a single thrust. Thank you for bringing pegging into the ss/hg'verse. And Ladies? Give it a try. It might just change your marriage. ;)

Author's Response: I doubt I'm the first to bring it up, but I'm glad you enjoyed the fic, thanks!! :-D

Orangeblossom172014.05.18 - 12:00AM2: Hermione's BirthdaySigned
Good gracious this is hot. *fans self*

Author's Response: Thank you kindly!

loreen772014.03.14 - 11:52AM3: No More WaitingSigned
glad she was able to share her fantasy with her partner. great passion!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Me, too! :)

loreen772014.03.14 - 11:50AM2: Hermione's BirthdaySigned
intense and very passionate.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think you! :-D

loreen772014.03.14 - 11:49AM1: WaitingSigned
great start

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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