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Reviews for Catspaws

loreen772014.01.15 - 08:53AM17: Chapter SeventeenSigned
I am so glad you are working on new chapters! i am really enjoying this story and eagerly anticipate more. Your ability to write from the familiars pov is wonderful and just makes this story so much better. 10+

Jong_Kahn2014.01.11 - 01:38AM17: Chapter SeventeenSigned
First of all, welcome back! Very welcome, indeed. I like a lot of things about this chapter. I like Severus, Filius and Lucius being "The Trifecta". I like the cleverness of the familiars to set up Albus and Minerva to have an altercation which would ensure that the familiars would have time and privacy enough to inspect the potions storeroom properly. I especially liked your explanation about the Seers. It kinda serves Hermione right for being such a snob. “The Unforgivables require strength of will to cast. If you don't want them to work, if you don't have the intent to make them work, they fizzle. Divination is much the same.” Well spoken, and it makes sense according to the logic of the Potterverse. I was glad to see Harry having turned a corner with Hermione (thanks to Ron's ghost), but I agree with Hermione it's a good start for something that will take a lot of time to heal. Excellent chapter and worth waiting for (though I do hope it's a shorter wait till the next time we get one). Another "10" for you, my dear!

Sampdoria2014.01.04 - 07:32PM17: Chapter SeventeenSigned
So happy to see you are updating one of your wonderful stories again, thank you so much. Great update, I almost felt sorry for Peeves there at the end:-))

June W2014.01.03 - 03:50PM17: Chapter SeventeenSigned
Ahhh..... the "two presences" from the previous chapter are Duster and Crookshanks, and somehow their entrapment will affect Severus and Hermione. But why would Peeves want to do this to them?

I'm glad to see everyone working together, with even Hermione and the seers on one team. Now you have me curious about what the Great Snake did to meddle with Voldy - what Voldy would have been and done without Nagini's meddling.

Thank you for the new post! It's good to see you writing again.

adelgado2013.12.31 - 10:37PM17: Chapter SeventeenSigned
What was peeve thinking!!! I hope the staff get Albus and Minerva back for the extra work they made. So glad to see this up date. Thanks for sharing

verasuspense2013.12.31 - 12:20PM17: Chapter SeventeenSigned
Hurray ! An update ! I wonder if the young wizard Peeves learned the Trap Spell from was Tom Riddle ? Its nice to see Hermione taken by surprise for once. I knew there had to be some reason why AD keeps Trelawney on the payroll.

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