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Reviews for Our Time

Jadecadence2014.01.11 - 01:21AM1: 1Signed
i love this. wish life could be so simple, effective and efficient! :)) although i know it isn't the speed but the direction!

Author's Response: I do believe this is why we create such fan fictions, is it not? But I wholeheartedly agree. =)

Ellesemera2014.01.09 - 11:25AM1: 1Signed
I think it was a sweet one. I liked the poem. Can love be measured by the hours of the day...

Author's Response: Thank you, and if you ever find out, please let me know!! =)

adelgado2014.01.05 - 09:42PM1: 1Signed
I do wonder if anyone else caught on before they disappeared.

Author's Response: Minerva noticed. She knew actually beforehand about Severus' feelings for Hermione which is why she asked her to sing in Ginny's place after she had fallen ill. Nobody else really ever knew until later...if ever. They were all so immersed in the joy of graduation and celebration. Ron and Harry were surely with their Quidditch mates.

loreen772014.01.02 - 09:56PM1: 1Signed
Thank you for sharing. I am always pleased to see an author publish their first ashwinder story.

Author's Response: Thanks, I have another in progress...It just might take a while to finish...an I loathe when long stories take forever to be completed after they've finished. Plus, my brain doesn't work chronologically. =Z

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