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Reviews for Labour of Love

ASP092017.03.04 - 08:48AM9: Chapter Eight – TrustingSigned
This is great! Please update.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Voice2016.10.06 - 09:09AM1: PrologueSigned
A truly beautiful story thus far. Utterly believable and so obviously carefully crafted. I rarely read incomplete fiction, let alone review it, but I broke my rules for this one and I'm so glad I did. If your muse can find it in him to help you finish this one, I'd be beside myself. Thank you for sharing this, and all your other works. They are a true pleasure.

Author's Response: Thank you so very, very much for your kind and thoughtful comments. I am very hopeful that I will finish this, because it is dear to my heart. To be honest, I sort of painted myself into a corner, and I'm having trouble getting out of it! I have a good friend looking over the unpublished part, to see if any of it is salvagable, or if I need to back up a bit and head in another direction. I truly plan on finishing it, and your lovely comments have truly inspired me even more! <3

Edr2016.09.06 - 06:44PM9: Chapter Eight – TrustingSigned
Oooohhh! No! You can't leave it there. That’s just mean! What a great story. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you - it's funny, but someone else asked me to do the same thing today. I think I'd better get busy.

Eucalyptus2016.08.16 - 03:43PM1: PrologueSigned
What a beautiful and painful glimpse into his head. I am looking forward to this story...and your others! I just discovered HP fanfic, and it's no surprise that Snape is my undisputed favorite character of the entire series.

Author's Response: Thank you so much - and welcome to the wonderful world of SSHG fanfiction - there are some really super stories here - I have bookmarked a lot of them as my own personal favourites - I hope you find loads more to enjoy!

Knockturn2015.04.11 - 09:44AM9: Chapter Eight – TrustingSigned
Thank you so much for updating! This chapter is beautiful and cathartic, and I love this continuing story so much. As with all of your stories, it has so much of what I love about this pairing imagined in this way.

Author's Response: Thank you. I realise it's been a long time, but I promise I will finish the story. I just have a lot of pressing commitments right now.

Jensteed2015.03.18 - 12:13AM9: Chapter Eight – TrustingSigned
*sigh* I do soooo love this chapter, the utter cathartic release that submitting to discipline can bring. Where nothing is going right and your head just feels like everything is raging at once and then you finally..finally have peace. No more having to shoulder everything and keep pushing it down, but just being able to let it drift away into nothing. It's so difficult to do it justice, to explain the situation without making it tawdry but gods, you always paint the most perfectly beautiful scenes.

Author's Response: Thank you. Thank you, thank you. This is something that is very important to me - the catharsis of disciplining. It is an important part of my personal relationship and my emotional makeup, and more than anything I wanted to convey the freedom and surrender it brings. Your comments, so eloquent as always, make me feel I have done this justice.

Jensteed2015.03.17 - 11:45PM7: Chapter Six - FloweringSigned
Such a fun chapter, you have to love Pomona's sense of humour. She's so down to earth and unflappable. That was quite the treat for Master Snape, hehe. Both watching his Apprentice stimulating the flower and his own taste of it's nectar ;) I'd say that'll be stuck in his mind for some time...and hers!

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I had such a good time writing this chapter. I was all over the internet, looking up flowers and butterflies and all sorts of botanicals. I have a black thumb myself.

ladyjulian2014.11.08 - 02:30AM9: Chapter Eight – TrustingSigned
still patiently waiting...

Author's Response: Oh, I am so sorry to be so late! Thank you for being so patient. I have not abandoned this fic; it's just that real life has sort of taken over, and I've put this one on the back burner to simmer a bit. Thank you for still being interested - I promise I won't let you down! <3

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