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Reviews for A Not So Helpless Realization

BlurryEel1332016.02.14 - 03:26PM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
I think this story is brilliant and unique.

loreen772014.03.27 - 09:39PM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
Brilliant! so much fun to read!

breastlady2013.08.20 - 02:04AM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
OMG! That's what's going on? They must have stopped half way through my story since I only write reviews. That damned cruel Potions Master only imperioed me but no one for me to vent my imperioed lusts and passions upon. The damn little guy attached to the long time stick in the mud laying next to me is limp no matter what I do with it. This is cruel, O so very cruel. The only person I want is the one I can't have because he isn't real. F-ing A! I just want Severus Snape and I get a broken taliwacker on a tired old man in my bed. What have I done to deserve this injustice. This torture?

fallconsmate2013.06.16 - 09:53PM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
that is absolutely evil!! (and i LOVE it! hee!!)

fynnsmom2013.06.14 - 12:58PM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
That was very funny. I think it was the first fic I've read like it. I wonder what naughty things Severus made you do.

FearlessFlyer2013.06.07 - 07:28PM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
Very clever and amusing. Hermione designed the Imperio 2000, but I'd imagine Severus named it.

Sampdoria2013.06.05 - 05:13PM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned

jothar2013.06.04 - 11:51AM1: Acknowledgement and RetaliationSigned
Well now, I REALLY liked that. Very deftly done and truly unique. Thank you!

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