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Reviews for The Abduction

Brooklynhills972018.02.18 - 03:20AM2: Intervention ~ Part 2Signed
Go Hermione!!!! 🧡🧡🧡

breastlady2013.08.18 - 02:02AM1: Intervention ~ Part 1Signed
I'd like to see a picture with Severus standing up in the tub, exhibiting his wares. I bet Lavender wouldn't be so smug if that was a picture that showed up in the paper. Would she be able to be Rogered by Ron and not think about Snapes big one? This story would be funny if Lavender decides she meant to be in love with another hero. One with bigger assets. But Snape would eviscerate her and Hermione could rub Lavender's face in it. She could tell Lavender she had done her a favor taking Ron. She hadn't figured out how to get rid of him without hurting his feelings just because he has a small dick. Would Lavender have to give back the money for the pre sale books or would she be stupid enough to change horses in the middle of the book, saying she had actually wanted Severus Snape. She'd look like the worst kind of slut.

Lillielle2013.07.02 - 09:16PM2: Intervention ~ Part 2Signed
Oh my gosh, that ending! That was brilliant! I love how Ron just got duped, and meanwhile, Hermione gets to be much happier with someone so much better for her.

CheekyTart2013.06.12 - 04:13PM2: Intervention ~ Part 2Signed
Ms. Figg, I can always count on you for delicious and erotic time! Hermione gets the last laugh and the dark, well endowed wizard. I love happy endings.

NotSly2013.06.09 - 03:05PM2: Intervention ~ Part 2Signed
Oh, excellent.

Jong_Kahn2013.06.06 - 02:05PM2: Intervention ~ Part 2Signed
It's always good to read a mo-Ron Weasley story where he gets stymied. (Notice I make a difference between stories like this and others where he's actually portrayed with a working brain.) Thanks for this tale--a tasty treat indeed.

Rocker_Faerie1862013.06.05 - 10:47PM1: Intervention ~ Part 1Signed
Hah! Love it. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Jong_Kahn2013.05.31 - 11:06AM1: Intervention ~ Part 1Signed
The 'boys' response was actually pretty accurate. I had a male friend in college who was slim, not tall, who said he'd gotten beaten up as a kid until his body changed. He told me, "It was weird. Once my 'difference' became known to them, they started to have a completely different attitude toward me, almost reverent. It was strange, but they left me alone, didn't beat me up after that."

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