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Reviews for Snape's Birthday Gift to Sybill

Jadecadence2013.06.24 - 02:50AM1: Snape's GiftSigned
What kind of potion exactly is it? Why hasn't anyone done it before?

Author's Response: No one has done it before probably because this is an alternate universe story, and because Snape is the number one Potions master there is . . . in my world anyway. As to the kind of potion, only Snape knows. It supposedly enhances a person's natural abilities. The other main reason is probably Snape just wanted to get rid of Sybill and had for a very, very long time, so worked hard at it.

Sampdoria2013.05.24 - 06:33AM1: Snape's GiftSigned
Truly brilliant!!!

June W2013.05.19 - 09:27PM1: Snape's GiftSigned
Heh-heh! Excellent, Severus - and Ms Figg. Definitely no naked Trelawney at Hogwarts. I wonder if Trelawney will give Severus free predictions.... Thank you for writing this!

Jong_Kahn2013.05.18 - 03:50PM1: Snape's GiftSigned
Cute, cute, cute! On behalf of Sybil herself--thank you!

londonlupin2013.05.17 - 11:23PM1: Snape's GiftSigned
Glad to see a story from you newly posted!

iris m2013.05.17 - 09:22AM1: Snape's GiftSigned
wooohooo snape :) I had a crazy guy ask me out everyday for 3 years, then the guy turns around a married my sister...... needless to say they split after 2 years...... I know how he feels, always being stuck with crazy you can't get rid of.

jenidralph2013.05.16 - 02:31AM1: Snape's GiftSigned
I love it! Guilty: his default look... LOL

Tenar10r2013.05.16 - 01:14AM1: Snape's GiftSigned
Heeheehee. I'm so glad to see this story up again.

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