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Reviews for Snape is the Story, Hermione the Reader

Jinxed2017.12.17 - 04:58AM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
Such a well-written, thoughtful and thought provoking analysis of these two pivotal characters and the roles they play. I really enjoyed reading this piece and feel the need to re-read the books again. Thank you for sharing this.

loves23rules2017.11.07 - 04:21PM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
Excellent text! I really enjoyed your analysis.

bccaw2015.06.04 - 07:30PM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
Wonderful analysis, and a great explanation of why SSHG works and why so many of us read and write this ship - we want to see these like-minded allies together at last. They are the most important and interesting characters in HP canon, in my opinion.

smirking_slyth2015.05.01 - 07:17PM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
This is a great analysis of the books! I'm buzzing after reading it - it's heartwarming so find such convincing evidence for SSHG in canon. Thank you!

Jong_Kahn2014.09.17 - 02:17PM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
Wow. I don't know how I missed this, but I suspect it was one of those times we were out of town and I hadn't access to a computer. Very well thought-out, and very well written. Thank you for having written this--I shall favorite it immediately.

RonnieXD12014.08.12 - 10:51AM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
This was... Oh God... It was amazing. And because of you, I saw those books in a whole, new light. Thank you for this.

Fallyn2014.05.28 - 12:45AM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
This was...very, very well done. I hadn't thought of it like that, but it seems sometimes that the moving forces are never the main characters. (Aragorn and Gandalf literally paving the way for Frodo, for example) It's been a learning experience, reading the books and devouring the fanfiction, and of course book 1 was a test--I just hadn't noticed it was a test for all of them. I'm struck by something someone said: 'the entire canon relationship between Snape and Hermione can be summed up in one quote: "I see no difference."' Nothing ever changed, not since that first class. This also makes a really good pre-writing reference, I think. Well done!

LaurelU2013.10.26 - 06:51PM1: SSHG in CanonSigned
Absolutely wonderful. And it makes me feel so bad for Hermione, never having her intellectual equal. I don't think she should be with Ron, because he would never mentally stimulate her and I think she'd be bored out of her mind with him. And it makes me sad for Snape, never having that connection with anybody. You summed it all up so well. Thank you!

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