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Reviews for Vitae Explicare Memento

adelgado2014.02.15 - 03:02PM18: Chapter 17Signed
Glad she is getting better. I think they'll have a happy ending. thank for sharing

celticqueen2013.08.17 - 11:17PM18: Chapter 17Signed
I've just re-read this story, including the most recent chapters (which were new to me) and would love to read more.

Josette2013.07.26 - 03:14PM18: Chapter 17Signed
Just found this fic. I liked it a lot, it's original and a good story.

joan_glover2013.06.26 - 06:12PM18: Chapter 17Signed
Thanks for updating Triur over at GE, but it has been so long since you updated this one, I've forgotten the story.

joan_glover2013.04.13 - 01:31PM18: Chapter 17Signed
Sadly, I'm going to stop checking everyday for the next chapter. I hope you're well. Please don't abandon this great story.

vze57t9j2013.03.21 - 06:29AM18: Chapter 17Signed
Oh, Bum! I knew I was getting ahead of myself (and the story), but it was a truly, excellent update regardless of my confusion! Thanks for setting me straight. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next chapter. :)

vze57t9j2013.03.20 - 02:11AM18: Chapter 17Signed
OMG! Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!! This is so wonderful!!! I'll be a happy little fangirl for the rest of the month! Thank you for such an excellent update. She's BACK! :D

Author's Response: erm....actually... she not. *ducks* Very sorry for the confusion, but... well, spoilers. Message me if you wnat to talk about it it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

inthedesk2013.03.14 - 08:29AM18: Chapter 17Signed
Yes, yes, yes. That was wonderful! Please update soon, I'm enjoying it tremendously.

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