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Reviews for Vitae Explicare Memento

severus492013.03.05 - 08:54AM16: Chapter 15Signed
Such an incredible unwinding of memories! I hope it doesn't add reinforcements on Gretchen to protect Hermione more strongly!

Author's Response: Yes! Being Hermione can be quite harrowing!!! ... more is coming - it might even be a double update! Can't wait to see what you think

Veritas512013.03.01 - 12:44PM16: Chapter 15Signed
I think the pace of this story is excellent. Not so slow that the reader loses interest, but not so fast that the healing is unrealistic.

Author's Response: Thanks! The pacing HAS been pretty tricky, and I'm glad you're into it! We're about three months in at this point (give or take, because I'm vague...) In just a few months, Rori will be off to Hogwarts!

joan_glover2013.02.24 - 12:10PM16: Chapter 15Signed
Bravo for another new chapter! I thought the chapter about her meeting her parents didn't advance the story very much, but I appreciate this chapter for the doors/windows are now open because of the previous chapter. I think you are building a delicious climax. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thanks! You know, I started writing this story because it's always Hermione + 1 (or more) who come along to save Snape, and I wanted to turn that around... it's very tough to know how to do that with the roles reversed. It's definitely like finding puzzle pieces, if you know what I mean? :-D

verasuspense2013.02.22 - 10:52AM16: Chapter 15Signed
I take it the scene with Voldemort was a memory, not just a nightmare. Why did he want Aurora ?

Author's Response: You are quite correct! ...And you know how Voldy is - always a sucker for a good prophecy!!!

siage2013.02.21 - 08:51AM16: Chapter 15Signed
I love this fic, although was relieved to feel the substantial progress in this chapter. Hope I'm not mistaken. Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Rest assured, Gretchen is gaining momentum! Or is it Hermione? I don't always know, even! More soon!

MsTree2013.02.20 - 05:11PM16: Chapter 15Signed
Small steps lead to big accomplishments. ^_^

Author's Response: You know it!!! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Leraiv Snape2013.02.20 - 11:50AM16: Chapter 15Signed
Oooooo...closer and closer. I like her unfolding memories, and I'm very curious about the reveal that Severus is waiting for.

Author's Response: Yes! I'm currently twirling my evil author's mustache, waiting to spring my trap! it's not quite tight enough yet, but soon!

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