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Reviews for Polyjuiced!

TycheSong2017.02.20 - 08:47AM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
I've gone back to re-read this; I really do hope you continue it! I've tried to track it down on other sites and am having no luck! I would really live to see more from you! :-) -Tyche

Linna2016.01.26 - 08:55AM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
I am *loving* this so far! As a parent with a first year aged kid who likes to program, this story is hitting a lot of my happy buttons :)

CrimsonSerpent2015.04.21 - 10:27PM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
This is fantastic! Whole heartedly looking forward to the next installment.

tilly2015.04.19 - 06:42AM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
Interesting ideas so far, would like to

loreen772015.04.11 - 02:06PM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
Very fun update, love thelittle orange potion!

Perry Downing2015.03.13 - 02:41PM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
What fun original magic! Great idea.

AussieWolf2015.03.11 - 01:24PM9: The Plan (Part 1)Signed
Well that was unexpected! Very interesting that C++ works with potions. We should inform Pottermore. Sending an army of little orange men after the baddies actually sounds like a lot of fun. If all goes well that is. Great chapter, I'm loving the originality c:

Jong_Kahn2015.02.27 - 03:26PM1: Prologue: The LetterSigned
Looks like this could be a good story, but I'm prejudiced--I just don't care about the kids of the Golden Trio and their generation. Sorry!

Author's Response: No worries--I don't either! Believe it or not, it's only the first chapter that's all about Rose, though she plays here role...

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