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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

marisamarinee2014.06.05 - 01:44AM11: Years EndingSigned

Marianne2009.07.09 - 07:51AM11: Years EndingSigned
I find myself rereading a story I liked years ago. It's the same for me now. I like your despreption of Hermione's and Severus's feelings very much. Kudos!

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 08:04PM11: Years EndingSigned
Cheers for posting.

nicoleihca2006.08.01 - 03:30PM11: Years EndingSigned
Almost every good Severus/Hermione story needs a good amount of Albus' meddling, it's just so funny to see Snape's reaction to it. Well, I'm off to read more. Thanks for the great story.

Author's Response: Thanks for that! It's hard to resist that Albus from meddling, that's for sure...

Bambu2005.11.27 - 09:55PM11: Years EndingSigned
I've taken the opportunity to re-read the story, and was struck particularly by this line: Oh, their paths might cross but as strangers in a street, her glance only registering him for a moment as a professor she had to endure at school long ago., from when Severus is contemplating the future after Hermione graduates.

This sentence is a perfect illustration of his perspective. He cannot see her reaction to him in any other way, and his anger with her and himself is completely understandable in light of this vision. How truly tragic.

Morianna2004.09.20 - 01:55AM11: Years EndingAnonymous
“Twenty more if a student decides to talk back,” he had said silkily, looking at her with dark interest." OK-THANK YOU for keeping Prof. Snap in character here and elsewhere by your choice of descriptive language. Snape's voice is important in canon, and using "silkily", "coldly", "dangerously", and "deadly" to describe how he sounds is part of his charm. Good job.

Tandy2004.03.04 - 09:49PM11: Years EndingAnonymous
*sniff* *sniff* Poor Sevie! Update soon please!

Bambu2004.03.04 - 12:27PM11: Years EndingAnonymous
Severus' descent into despair is quite nicely done, along with Hermione's exhaustion. I love the idea of the retreat... it sounds like a heavenly break.

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