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Reviews for Another Dream

mele2018.08.11 - 12:50PM35: Chapter 35Signed
Reading this story again because it was so good the first time. You mentioned Severus had an old dryer. My niece lives near Bristol and she said it was almost impossible to get a dryer. Everyone hung their wash inside and in the summer they used an outside line. she finally got a dryer after a year of searching and a hefty delivery fee.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it so much!! And letís say that there are benefits to having an intimidating persona and access to magic. :) He wouldnít much like to hang his unmentionables where he could walk into them or others could see them.

pokinscroat2018.07.13 - 08:33PM42: Chapter 40: EpilogueSigned
I love this story so damn much, I read it every couple of months when I want a sweet story to read.

Author's Response: Thank you, that really means a lot!

Jces9992018.06.01 - 12:19PM42: Chapter 40: EpilogueSigned
Finally finished this - loved it so much. So well written - didnít want it to end .

Author's Response: Thank you! I was sorry it ended, too ♥

Jces9992018.06.01 - 06:49AM30: Chapter 30Signed
I am absolutely loving this story and am at the Chapter of Harry & Ginnyís wedding , but one thing surprises me : Harry ďgaveĒ Hagrid & Severus as his ďFamilyĒ to Ginny, but why on earth didnít he include Hermione? He has always viewed her as a sister?

Author's Response: Thank you!! And the point of the that style marriage ceremony was to bind families together. If Harry had taken Hermione as his sister, it would have bound her and Severus as parent and daughter, to my mind. If Severus had refused the role, Harry would definitely have asked Hermione to step in as sister. But that's not how it turned out for me. Stories do have a way of taking on a life of their own haha

Toblass2018.02.06 - 11:13PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Heís in love???? YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Totally in love ;)

Toblass2018.02.06 - 10:46PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Soooo sweeet! I love their easy, casual company...lovely!

Author's Response: Thanks, Toby ♥

Toblass2018.02.06 - 10:38PM1: Chapter 1Signed
So, Iím finally here and Iím reading this story...and I love it! Although...something is nagging at me that I may have started reading this years ago but never finished? Iíll let you know. Meanwhile, I love that Hermioneís gift is a super soft scarf. Awwwww... And poor Snape canít soeak? Noooooooooooo!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for finally reading ♥♥ Hope you liked it all overall :)

Savvicus2017.09.12 - 03:47PM42: Chapter 40: EpilogueSigned
This was downright beautiful! The concept of Severus not having a voice thus having to learn to let go of his occulemency is inspired. Masterpieces like this truly showcase why we ship Snamoine. Thank you for sharing this and keeping with it during your own personal struggles. I'm sure it will bring joy to others who are needing a distraction from theirs. With warm regards, Savvicus

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, Savvicus ♥

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