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Reviews for The Tie That Binds

Destine2017.12.24 - 11:50PM2: The Arrival of Severus SnapeSigned
That break-up was painful to witness.

Author's Response: Yeah, it wasn't pleasant to write either. Thanks for reading!

Destine2017.12.24 - 09:59PM1: The ProposalSigned
Interesting premise and very well written. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Mikimoto2015.04.14 - 05:57PM7: Of Things To ComeSigned
I think in this universe the characters accept that they have extraordinary power and can manipulate things/ people with magic. Almost like using their will/power to get things their way is an irresistible force. What can realistically contend with them. Well, in this story irresistible force has met immovable object and has lost. It is interesting to see how they deal with not being able to manipulate their way to the outcome they want; to be powerless in the situation. Hermione refuses to accept that she is not powerful enough to stop unwanted events from occurring. Minerva thinks to outwit a force far more powerful than she and comes face to face with just how powerless she is. Severus runs himself ragged with worry until he realizes what he is actually up against. His response to being powerless to save Minerva is alcohol and distance (oddly similar to Lucius' response to being powerless over the boredom at home). None of us are as powerful as we think we are. You can scream at the storm if you want to, but sometimes it might be better just to ride it out. Interestingly, only the healers at St. Mungo's seem to realize they have no power in this situation and that there is no hope for Minerva. For having this rather accurate assessment of reality, Hermione labels them "incompetent twits." I think what she doesn't understand is that sometimes no amount of competence will get you what you want.

Author's Response: Thank you for such an insightful review. It is so refreshing to receive reviews that really delve into the meat of a story. You are absolutely correct. So often we see these characters come face to face with some horrible obstacles and every time they overcome them in some way or another. It's different to not only have them fail, but to have them actually face the fact that there is not a single thing they can do to prevent it. Again, thank you for such a fantastic review!

Mikimoto2015.04.14 - 01:17PM1: The ProposalSigned
What a fabulous opener. You set the mood so well with your descriptions of the despair of the town and how it had crept into his lack of housekeeping. He hasn't been living -- he hasn't even been aging -- stuck in a place that time forgot. I am excited to see where you take this story.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, and for your review!

loreen772013.09.02 - 11:27AM7: Of Things To ComeSigned
Emotional rollercoaster, what a wild ride. I hope hermione finds peace.

Author's Response: With Snape by her side I'm sure she will find happiness. Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews!

loreen772013.09.02 - 11:04AM6: The Horrors of Fairy TalesSigned
Wellfuck a duck, this isall kinds of messed up. Poor minnie for making the deal, poor severus for the burden of the truth, poor hermione for loosing everyone she loves....

Author's Response: That chapter was my favorite, because it shows how royally conflicted and flawed they all are. Thanks for reading!

loreen772013.09.02 - 10:35AM5: Potions and Petulant PlansSigned
Severus jomps back into his own personal hell for minerva's, what a good man.

Author's Response: Good man indeed. Thanks for reading!

loreen772013.09.02 - 10:10AM4: Soliciting Mister MalfoySigned
Your mr and mrs malfoy were well written, i love the idea of a void to hide the library...your idea or was it from another fic? Very creative.

Author's Response: The idea was actually mine. I would love to have a room like that to hide all of my clutter. Thanks for reading!

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