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Reviews for Providing Pleasure

CharmedArtist2014.08.11 - 04:16PM1: Providing PleasureSigned
Lovely~ I do so like your stories!

Author's Response: Squee! Thank you, I'm glad!!! :-D

fynnsmom2013.12.27 - 11:24PM1: Providing PleasureSigned
I'm not quite sure what to say:D It's nice when couples can communicate so well that they don't have to say anything.

Author's Response: This is very true! Sometimes words just aren't needed. :)

asprickman2013.07.17 - 03:18PM1: Providing PleasureSigned
Delightful, thank you. I love your characterisation in all your stories - your Severus is just as I see him.

Author's Response: Thank you much! That means a lot - I love sharing how I see him and I'm glad I'm not alone. :)

The Harry Potter Trio2013.06.06 - 01:43AM1: Providing PleasureSigned
A delightfully hot story.!!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

loreen772013.03.03 - 09:26PM1: Providing PleasureSigned
Great job

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

CorinaBallerina2012.12.26 - 05:18PM1: Providing PleasureSigned
Well...that was hot... :O <3

Author's Response: Well thank you!

zackley2012.12.17 - 01:37PM1: Providing PleasureSigned
I love this little peek into their lives - Not only is it exquisitely hot, it makes sense, given all that Hermione's been through. Great writing too!!! *fans self*

Author's Response: Well, thank you so very much!!! I'm really glad you've enjoyed it!!

vze57t9j2012.12.12 - 02:29AM1: Providing PleasureSigned
Excellent story! I love little pieces of heaven like this!!!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much!! I had fun writing it. ^_^.

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