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Reviews for Comparatives

Yukimor2012.10.13 - 12:47PM1: ComparativesSigned
Snape is, I suppose, "short" for your average man (by some perception). Alan Rickman makes him look tall, but I always get the idea that Snape is somewhere between 5'8 and 5'9-- and that his robes and demeanor give him an illusion of added height that he doesn't actually have. And Hermione is taller than Harry, isn't she, at only 5'4? Not necessarily amazonian height for a woman, but nearing the moderately tall-er side. With a vague four-inch height difference, Snape is still taller than Hermione, but that's the amazing thing-- this drabble still works with that. I love the imagery, the way my own perceptions of character heights meshes with how you express appreciation for the disparities between them.

Author's Response: After poking about a bit, I don't believe canon ever gives Hermione's adult height—not definitely enough to be noted, anyway. Emma Watson is herself 5'4"(imdb), which is a tad shorter than average in the UK(5' 4.5"-wiki). I don't, however, consider her appearance to define canon, any more than I do Rickman's (as dearly as I love and respect his acting and his Snape). Since average male height is 5'9"/10", I didn't think splitting the difference was too much of a stretch for either of them. (No pun intended.) Anyhow, I do this mainly because I get tired of _all_ of the romances (not just HGSS, btb) that insist on shorter woman/taller man. Just a poke in the eye of convention.

cottontail2012.10.12 - 11:53AM1: ComparativesSigned
An enjoyable little drabble to start my day. Thank you.

Derelict Author2012.10.12 - 09:06AM1: ComparativesSigned
Oh! I just saw your comment to someone else about the height (glad I'm not the only one who went, "huh?"). Snape is described as "small" in the Pensieve scenes Harry sees him in--later on he's stringy, which is a synonym for lanky, a.k.a too tall/thin. Surprised at the person who must have said otherwise to you! I'm pretty sure Harry is even shorter than Hermione for much of the books--he would only have been taller than Snape in those "flashback" scenes (I verified by hitting the HP Lexicon, too!). Still like your words here, just pointing out that whoever complained about Snape's height in your other stories was clearly mistaken!

Derelict Author2012.10.12 - 08:58AM1: ComparativesSigned
Though in a short amount of space, you've used words well... I think you take too many liberties in making Hermione tall and Snape short. I get the necessary poetic image, but goddamn, Snape and "tall" is like Snape and "big nose" or Snape and "angry."

PMmistress2012.10.12 - 03:25AM1: ComparativesSigned
This is good - lovely to see such original work in fact - but Severus is rather OOC if you're suggesting he's short, surely?! Snape's pretty tall I would suggest, both as written in canon and as played by Alan Rickman in the films. Maybe, you should change it to 'thin' - he is, more realistically, malnourished, as you said! Still, it was short, sweet and to the point - I really liked it! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! I couldn't say with 100% certainty either way, but ages ago, somebody called me on making him too tall(!), saying that in canon, he is shorter than HP and RW. I figured that it was more than likely he was malnourished as a child, which would have stunted his growth. Once he reached Hogwarts, his thinness was probably due to either genes or choice. In any case, I just like the idea of a Hermione who can look him in the eye! (^_~)

virgo19002012.10.11 - 10:04PM1: ComparativesSigned
Bloddy awesome !! Short burst full of creativity

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