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Reviews for Nothing Left to Lose

QueenMagic2016.05.26 - 02:09PM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
Very haunting and heartbreaking piece, I felt, especially since I could visualize Severus's movements as he says that last line to Hermione. Very well written.

adelgado2012.10.12 - 01:43PM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
a little sad, a little disturbing, but very interesting.

cottontail2012.10.12 - 11:59AM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
This was heartbreaking, cold and so incredibly sad in its perfection. Amazing how you can use just a few words that draw such emotion. An excellent piece from an excellent writer. Well Done!

Sortiane2012.10.12 - 11:12AM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
It is much more awful and dangerous than anything else

Derelict Author2012.10.12 - 09:08AM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
A very astute observation :( A very sad one, as well.

Sevvy2532012.10.12 - 03:54AM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
I agree with the previous reviewer about not needing any more (even though you'd like to read it), as you do that rare thing of getting so much across in so few words. 'Less is more' I guess. This was so sad; heartwrenching in fact. Well done to create that feeling so succinctly :-) BTW: I've just reviewed your other piece - 'Comparatives' - but, stupidly reviewed under the wrong name (that's my 'pseudonym' - sorry!!) :-)

bllrmdncr2012.10.12 - 02:35AM1: Nothing Left to LoseSigned
I really admire your your drabbles. They make me want more, but they don't *need* any more to explain themselves. This one made me sad, naturally, because of the way Pensieve memories work in some 'verses. Sometimes when I picture mad!snape, I think of Amadeus' laugh from the movie, a little ridiculous giggle. Thanks you always.

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