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Reviews for Catspaws

loreen772014.01.15 - 08:35AM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Lol, what a way to blow off steam. I like the idea of group magic. Can we learn more about it?

Jinxie2012.11.23 - 07:59PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Sorry for the late review, and thanks for the update! Great chapter. Loving the various developments. Can't wait to see how many pregnancies Fawkes tries to manipulate. Looking forward to seeing how Neville and Millie's joining goes and what the by-product result will be on Severus and Hermione!

MysticRaven2012.10.07 - 12:46PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Woo! New chapter! Keep 'em coming!

Jong_Kahn2012.10.07 - 09:06AM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
I'd meant they can't interrupt Severus' and Hermione's work on their project now. (Anyway, another "10" for you!)

Jong_Kahn2012.10.07 - 09:03AM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Huh. Since reading verasuspense's comment, I wonder whether Crookshanks and Duster will rethink their position on trans-species communications. And now they cannot interrupt--so it should get even more interesting...

jaemistoryteller2012.10.06 - 11:50PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Sweet, back to working on this one. That is nifty since it is an intersting tale thus far.

verasuspense2012.10.06 - 11:48PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
What a nice surprise. I'd pretty much given up hope of an update on this story. Crooks and Duster seem to be aware, since they approached Hermione and Severus, but they can't communicate. It must be very frustrating for them.

Jong_Kahn2012.10.06 - 11:40PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Yay! You're back, and so's this story! Excellent fun--but I wonder who's going to figure out what happened to Duster and Crookshanks. Thank you for the chapter, and glad to have you back!

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