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Reviews for The End and the Beginning

Jong_Kahn2016.02.18 - 07:41PM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
Interesting story. I liked the very different air about it. I shall save this in Favorites!

loreen772015.03.29 - 08:28AM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
Somehow I missed reviewing this in the past. Great story! I like the idea off rebirth and hope this new beginning stays good for him.

duj2014.10.04 - 09:39PM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
I always enjoy this story, every time I come across it. (I'm a bit surprised I don't seem to have reviewed it, actually. Sorry about that.) I love the narrative voice and the freshness of the characters, but I can't help wondering how his plan actually works. If he's in danger of arrest as himself, but not after drinking Intanzia, is he going to retrieve his assets by pretending to be a relative of the late hated Severus Snape or is he relying on the incuriosity of goblins? Does he think he can clear his name (for instance, proof of "innocence" stored with his financial assets)? Is he planning to rejoin the wizard world and face down the haters or is he going to live mainly in the Muggle world?

Amiella2014.08.01 - 11:42PM1: The End and the BeginningSigned

jothar2014.05.14 - 04:02PM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
How can this terrific story have received only six reviews. It`s my pleasure to add another and to say that you filled this with real charm and humour...and the picture of Severus dropping down out of a tree onto her car makes me smile. Thank you.

Kielyn2012.09.25 - 09:11AM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
This was really good. I was kept wishing and hoping Severus would get what he needed to recover and yay he did! He also showed he may have improved in the niceness category & I liked how he had a bit of internal debate happening. Could you write another chapter? Please pretty please!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I think this is a one hop bunny...

Sarablade2012.09.24 - 12:46PM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
So ... Cute almost. Thanks

Author's Response: I will make sure Sev never knows that you called him cute ;-D THANKS!

adelgado2012.09.24 - 01:22AM1: The End and the BeginningSigned
Very intriguing. I liked it

Author's Response: Thanks!

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