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Reviews for Closer

alien_duck2013.01.21 - 03:47AM1: 1Signed
I have to admit, I'm a lazy reviewer, it's rare I do, but reading the reviews I became motivated. I loved it. Inside Severus' head and NIN, whats not to love. As some others have said I am not a big fan of songfics, despite having written a couple myself in the past. Some of the times it is similar to what a previous reviewer said, they don't add much to the story, the song does the work. This is the type I wrote sadly. With this story it is the complete opposite. I think you could easily take out the lyrics and it would still be brilliant. What would be missing is that extra layer, for me as a fan of the song, of the song playing in my head and all the thoughts that engages. If a film uses a piece of music that enhances a scene I have never heard someone say they didn't do the work. Sorry for the long winded review. To sum up - brilliant, hot and proof of both talent and excellent taste!

Author's Response: Wow!! You left me speechless! I can't thank you enough for the support and lovely review! And I definitely agree with your viewpoint - there is songfic... and then there is utilizing the lyrics of an awesome song to enhance a piece that would otherwise be underwhelming, though interesting. I always listen to soundtracks from movies while writing, as if they were the score to the fic, and this piece literally wrote itself within a matter of of an hour BECAUSE I was listening to Closer the whole time. Thank you so very much, Alien_duck, for taking the time to leave a review - I really appreciate it!

Buggy2012.10.12 - 09:47PM1: 1Signed
ohh, one of my favourite NIN songs! Love this, thanks.

Author's Response: Yes, it's one of my favs as well! Thank you so much, Buggy! Glad you liked it. :D

dra3162012.08.22 - 12:44AM1: 1Signed
Snape and Trent.. Yummy! Thanks for the story, it was excellent. <3

Author's Response: Mmmm Yummy indeed. ;) Thank you, Dra316! Glad you liked it.

loreen772012.08.15 - 09:35AM1: 1Signed
Typically i am not a songfic lovet, but i could not pass up one of my favorite songs being used. Like and others i draw a severus/ trent / young rickman connection, this song was perfect. Fun story and great read.

Author's Response: This song immediately popped into my mind once the prompts were given to me. I have ALWAYS loved this song and saw Snape/Hermione written within. ;) Thank you so much, Loreen! *hugs*

mandajayne822012.08.10 - 08:16PM1: 1Signed
ive aways pictured snape as trent (circa downward spiral). i think thats why he was my favorite character, even when he was being a douche bag. if you do another songfic, next time you should do "something i can never have" ;)

Author's Response: Ah, well, I can't say as I'll do another songfic, but I'll keep it in mind. ;) And I completely agree about the Snape/Trent thing. Thank you very much, Mandajayne!

moor2012.08.05 - 10:47PM1: 1Signed
Really like how you worked the lyrics in & brought out dark!Sev.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Moor! I was surprised people had not heard of this song. The lyrics just set the atmosphere (and background) for what Snape was thinking as he was observing Hermione.

Derelict Author2012.07.23 - 08:50AM1: 1Signed
Perhaps this story is not correctly categorized? Maybe the earlier reviewer's review stemmed from expecting a short little smutty drabble (like I did), or not liking or ever intentionally reading song fics (like I do), but getting a song fic instead (which is its own category on Ashwinder).

Author's Response: Due to MY oversight, I did not see the 'songfic' category, which the story has now been switched to. My response to the reviewer remains the same. Thank you for pointing out the separate category.

aliciana2012.07.23 - 04:06AM1: 1Signed
Hi...I checked out pics of Trent Reznor and he didn't disappoint. Must admit though..whilst he appeared to look like Sev whilst younger, I prefer his more dare I say bulkier and more mature look now......very Gerald Butler. And what a naughty little story and Hermione should feel honoured that she is the subject of such delightfully depraved thoughts in the Potions Master's licentious brain. I'll check out the video too. Well done. Best wishes, Love Ali xxxx.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Ali. I'm not sure which way I like Trent - both younger and older?

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