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Reviews for Pyrrhic

Alexa19932011.09.02 - 07:29PM1: PyrrhicSigned

vze57t9j2009.05.15 - 08:43AM1: PyrrhicSigned
Haunting and powerful.

pookah2007.06.06 - 02:30AM1: PyrrhicAnonymous
thank you for this sad & beautiful tale.

chrissyseebs2006.06.25 - 04:39PM1: PyrrhicSigned
pretty good!

EternallyTwisted2006.05.13 - 01:53AM1: PyrrhicSigned
The harshness of reality and the strength to move on often eludes even the strongest of people. I understand her need to just leave all behind but also his need to get her to feel something other than the death of others and survive and accept the gift that they gave their lives for. Nothing will ever be the same and what makes it harder to bear is the fact that so many people are celebrating despite doing nothing to help. War in all instances is a lost cause. *tear* I was really moved by your story but I have the need to continue crying...very well done

tigershelton2005.07.26 - 01:34AM1: PyrrhicSigned
I love this one. Bleak and beautiful.

Jana2004.12.12 - 03:48PM1: PyrrhicSigned
I'm not sure what to say about that story other than I really liked it.

Lady Anne2004.03.06 - 08:31PM1: PyrrhicAnonymous
Oh man! That about made me cry! That was beautiful! Maybe you could use it as a prologue to build a story on! I'd LOVE to see a continuance!

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