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Reviews for The Heir

Desert_Sea2016.11.21 - 06:36AM2: Interview.Signed
So bleak but so compelling. I felt quite ill for her. Tell me I'm going to feel better?

Author's Response: Well.... why don't you go to next chapter and tell me how it makes you feel? Thank you for R&R!

1919872016.10.01 - 06:43AM23: A Room Of Their OwnSigned
Dun...dun...dun... :) Thank you so much for the last chapters you added! I enjoyed reading them immensely! Please update again as soon as possible! :D My heart is aching for Severus and Hermione...

Author's Response: My very own pleasure! I hope your heart will be soothed shortly...

Desert_Sea2016.09.30 - 07:47AM1: ProposalSigned
Wow, so well written. Enticing and captivating but oh so desolate. 'He didn't even want her that way, for Merlin's sake. Not anymore.' - I'm intrigued by this statement. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Author's Response: Thanks! ;-) You just got on board at a time where we'll learn soon some of the statement's origin... Would love your take on "where it goes", too.

Destine2016.09.13 - 04:49AM22: Birthday GirlSigned
Oh, please can we have some more?!

Author's Response: You just did what was needed for that. Nothing to stimulate the Muse like a good review, or four. Thanks for R&R.

Destine2016.09.13 - 03:59AM21: A Harmony Of DiscordSigned
Wow. That last sentence. This will come back to haunt Snape.

Author's Response: Mmmm... remember the diving boards from the Olympics with the green water? That's a good equivalent. Only the water is not safe in my story. Please come back again and again too, and review, too! thanks.

Destine2016.09.13 - 03:13AM20: Le Nerf De La GuerreSigned
I know this is wrong, but I sure loved the catfight.

Author's Response: Hehe... They both had it coming, although I do cherish them, somehow.

Destine2016.09.13 - 02:26AM19: New BeginningsSigned
I read this story when it first came out and I liked it even with all of its darkness. When you updated I read the story from the beginning again because it had been a while and I had forgotten many details. I'm glad I did that because I appreciate more so this time how wonderful you are with creating dialogue. So believable and appropriate for the way you have written these characters. And your storyline hooked me in a long time ago. I usually do not care for the dark stories, but yours is done so wickedly, brilliantly well that I can't help but savor each word and draw out each chapter so that I can prolong the pleasure. I apologize for not reviewing before, but I (selfishly) wanted to go on to the next chapter without interruption. My anticipation made me inconsiderate. So here is my review. Not only have you created in me an appreciation for this dark piece of fiction, but you had me shamelessly enjoying their parentheses and wishing that he would just kiss her already. But, you didn't let him so that you could torture your devoted readers. Well done. Now we will have to keep coming back. Please, no more long absences. I love this story. Such a guilty pleasure.

Author's Response: Thanks! It's such a thrill to know people appreciate my stories, and especially if they take the time to explain why. I think the devotion is more on the side of the author, really...

ceridwyn782016.09.09 - 09:06PM22: Birthday GirlSigned
Loved this chapter!! So much hope they both have... If only their circumstances could change :)

Author's Response: Thank you! They've been living together for some three years now, some of his hard edges should have softened a little to her, no? But you know what they say about abused children (and you don't know what kind of abuse, yet. I do..)

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