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Reviews for Vitae Explicare Memento

vze57t9j2012.06.26 - 04:02AM12: Chapter 11Signed
Wowie! What an action packed day! Excellent chapter. The tension and frustration has increased so much in the story that it is bittersweet to read and almost palpable. I'm so glad that Hermione is poking through more and more. Well done!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! The longer she stays in this world, the more she'll find what she's been looking for, for better or worse.

loreen772012.06.15 - 08:09PM12: Chapter 11Signed
Wonderful development, but how frustrated gretchen must be.....

Author's Response: Yes! To get close and then find there's so much more...

MsTree2012.06.14 - 07:12PM12: Chapter 11Signed
Sounds like there might have been a breakthrough here. ^_^

Author's Response: Yes! We are getting someplace, finally!

cottontail2012.06.14 - 01:22PM12: Chapter 11Signed
You must have read my mind, I signed on to the computer today and the first thing I thought of was how I missed this story and was hoping that you would update soon. You could imagine how happy I was to see an update from you. I love this story and the way her memories are coming back bit by bit. Thank you so much for the update, just please do not make us wait so long for another one.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the sweet review! More is coming very soon (my July was completely hijacked). Can't wait to see what you think!

Derelict Author2012.06.14 - 09:00AM12: Chapter 11Signed
I think your writing seems to be smoothing out as this story continues. It seems a little less wooden (which is awesome), and I'm feeling more depth/characterization [and I might sound like a bitch for saying this, but I can't stand precocious children characters. It's nothing on you... more on my own experience with children ;)]. It's unfortunate that such short chapters come from longer updates, and that her recovering her memory seems far off, but boy, is it a thrill to read the "memory glimmer" scenes. I love them.

Author's Response: I'm so glad things are coming together for you here! I know what you mean about 'precocious' children, the little twerps! But I think Hermione is an archetype for that... for better or worse. More soon!

Lucretia1232012.06.14 - 01:20AM12: Chapter 11Signed
So glad to see an update! The mind is such a fragile thing.....Severus is showing so much patience that I'm glad parts of the "old" Hermione is starting to break through!

Author's Response: Thanks! Severus, the man is the epitome of patience in some ways. Patience pays off

severus492012.06.14 - 12:05AM12: Chapter 11Signed
So close, so close! I'm glad to see Hermione asserting herself more and more, but it's so frustrating that Gretchen's holding on so tightly!

Author's Response: Thanks! This has been quite the ordeal for our heroine! But she's one tough cookie...

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