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Reviews for Yet Everything Stays the Same

loreen772017.10.28 - 11:00PM17: Was It Worth It?Signed
Well, I went on Your journey again, and cried just as much this time as I did the first time I read it. You wrote a very realistic and honest feelings story. Well I love it, it also makes me sad. Thank you for sharing.

loreen772017.10.28 - 10:15PM15: And In the EndSigned
Even when I know it is coming it still makes me cry. Rough way to go out.

loreen772017.10.18 - 10:29PM2: Time Out of MindSigned
I can’t wait to see where you go with your time turner story. So far I find it fascinating. Btw, I put the author you mention in your notes in que for who I will read next.

loreen772017.10.17 - 10:54PM1: The Fate of a ChildSigned
I enjoyed seeing these young adult Severus interactions with Hagrid and Dobby. Very interesting.

Awapuhi2016.09.15 - 04:15PM17: Was It Worth It?Signed
I've finished this story in few hours...tears in my eyes. Well, you warned from the start, where all this leads, so no one is to blame:) This story is unique and sad and bitter and hauntingly beautiful. One of the best things I've read here so far. Thank you very much, it was fantastic!

Awapuhi2016.09.15 - 08:07AM3: A Very Dangerous ManSigned
I am astonished by a little number of reviews here, for this work is fascinating! I came across it accidentally and I'm totally lost to it. Marked it as "favourite" from the first words. I'm holding my breath and keep reading...though it seems there is no happy-ending here for Snape (to my utter suffering). Yet, your story is unique, thank you very much for writing!

aznbeat2015.10.29 - 05:44AM17: Was It Worth It?Signed
stumbled across this at 4am, done at 5:45, sobbing into my pillow. very well done. all believable, canon compliant. probably one of the best I've read. kudos. time to flip the pillow and hide the tearstains.

ivylovesnarry2015.04.21 - 09:53PM17: Was It Worth It?Signed
I'm crying but I don't hate you, I promise. This is a brilliant story, well written, with wonderful characters - Hermione & Snape of course but also Harry (that letter!) and Ron. There were a few things that didn't work for me, like Severus not knowing occlumency & legilimency (the dark lord would never have sent him to spy on Dumbledore, he wouldn't have had a chance to be believed) or the way Voldemort treated him (I think he was much more subtle than that, at least at the time, before spending almost 15 years without a body, sinking into greater madness). But it doesn't matter because it was still believable and very clever to twist the time travelling plot this way, and the story is so touching - in a way I think it's even worse for Severus, knowing everything beforehand, living a script, how batshit crazy he must have felt sometimes ! You're right though, in this story the hero needed to die, it's inexorable if heartbreaking, adding so much depth to his actions. So, thank you for writing such a beautiful story, I had a great time reading it and I'm saving it to read again some time !

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