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Reviews for Act of Contrition

onecelestialbeing2013.08.20 - 08:06PM1: 1Signed
Fucking hell, why is there no more?! This is amazing

Vema2013.07.26 - 10:25PM1: 1Signed
Loved it! I'm a big fan of priest kink so this was a real treat.

echt2013.07.23 - 02:45PM1: 1Signed
Oh it's been awhile, Darkrivertempest! I've missed your deliciously dark stories! Will be stuck in the car for about 9hrs and I think catching up sounded like a good idea! Thanks for starting my first couple of hrs right ;

tisa_cassie2012.11.18 - 08:26PM1: 1Signed
This one is really something special.

Author's Response: Eeep! Sorry I missed this! LOL, not sure if that is good or bad 'something special'. ;) But thanks for the review!

ccognett2012.09.15 - 11:00PM1: 1Signed
I think that was the naughtiest thing I have ever read. Naughty, sinful, heretical, and just delicious. Well done!

Author's Response: LOL, I love how you put it. ;) Thank you, Cocognett. Glad you liked it. hehehe

moor2012.08.05 - 11:01PM1: 1Signed
You know, this actually kind of fits (given his personality)... And I think I kind of like this one best (it is a tie with "Closer"). XD (I have a thing for AUs). Also, your naughty!Hermione was awesome, and I love how you had Sev cave to her (in a tight, enclosed space -- so hot!). Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Mwhahahha, I love how you point out all those things! And yeah, now that you say it, it kind of does tie in a bit with Closer, even though I wrote this one first. Thank you!

Mai2012.07.20 - 11:28PM1: 1Signed
Indeed, a priest belongs to God and He is a jalous God. They will both be in deep trouble hot as Mexico in their afterlife. By the way, I just discovered you and love your stories a lot, mayby exept for this one :)

Author's Response: Ah, well, I will not please everyone. Thanks anyway.

Toblass2012.06.08 - 11:42AM1: 1Signed
Goodness! I felt so dirty and naughty the first time I read this, and it has had that same effect every time I've read it since. Move over, Girlie. I'm going to Hell in that handbasket with you and I will enjoy the ride tremendously! Love, love, loved this!

Author's Response: LMAO, actually I love your first reaction to it. *snorts* Like, OMG, what did you DO??? Thank you so much for the beta, darling! *squish*

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