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Reviews for Vitae Explicare Memento

vze57t9j2012.02.29 - 03:05AM6: Chapter 5Signed
"...and Gryffindor's are foolish." -- I love it! Spoken like a Daddy's little girl should. Excellent chapter!!! :D

Author's Response: :-D Yes. The sky is blue and Gryffindors are foolish! teehee

Oddity2012.02.28 - 12:56AM6: Chapter 5Signed
Rori is being a strong little girl -- just like her mother was at that age, I imagine. Poor Ron... hopefully Gretchen never tells him that he's unnecessarily tedious!

Author's Response: :-D ... while tact might not be one of Gretchen's virtues, I think she'll give Ron some allowances, if only to keep from rocking the boat.

loreen772012.02.15 - 03:50PM6: Chapter 5Signed
This story is hauntingly beautiful and lovely. Rori is amazing for her age. 10++

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Writing Rori is a bit of a trick, I'm glad you like her!

Elou2012.02.14 - 04:11PM6: Chapter 5Signed
I do love how this is unfolding. I have a thrumming excitement as I read. It is wonderful. Very emotional. I myself have my own Rory, and she is a tad younger than "your" Rori, but just a cherished as your written one is. I look forward to the unwinding of her mind. Thank you for sharing~Elou

Author's Response: Aw... Rories are great! What a special chord to strike here! I'm glad you are enjoying this so much! more soon

Jong_Kahn2012.02.14 - 12:29AM6: Chapter 5Signed
That chapter was well worth waiting for, though I would be happy to have one appear sooner! Seriously, I'm glad another exceptional Legilimens like Albus is on hand to help break Hermione out of being Gretchen. I loved Rori's interactions with Gretchen; I felt both characters were believable and acted as naturally as they could in such a hard-to-deal-with situation. Well done, and thanks for all your work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Having Albus around will be very useful, as long as he doesn't give Severus any more big surprises... More with Rori and Gretchen is on the way! :-D

MsTree2012.02.13 - 04:26PM6: Chapter 5Signed
I WANT that bedroom! *grin* Such a satisfying chapter. And off to Ollivander's we go. ^_^

Author's Response: I know! Rori's a lucky duck! I'm glad you like it, more soon!

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