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Reviews for Father Figure

shamsellayla132015.06.06 - 04:03PM13: EpilogueSigned
What a treat of a story! Loved the tone. Great solid relationship between the two - I usually stay away from fics where they're already together. I love reading the beginnings of the romance. So this was a wonderful foray. Excellent D/s portrayal as well. And what a fun subplot! Oh, AND I almost forgot, Luc & Cissy? Awesome. Adored that friendship. Just a well-crafted fic overall.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am delighted you enjoyed it, and took the time to tell me the things you liked about it. That always makes me feel good.

marisamarinee2014.09.19 - 09:49PM13: EpilogueSigned
Loved it

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

marisamarinee2014.09.19 - 05:19PM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
Naughty naughty

Author's Response: :)

marisamarinee2014.09.19 - 12:07AM9: Chapter NineSigned
:( awww I hope they get over this misunderstanding.

Author's Response: :)

marisamarinee2014.09.18 - 11:25AM8: Chapter EightSigned
Hehe trolol she didn't see that one coming

Author's Response: :)

marisamarinee2014.09.17 - 09:24PM7: Chapter SevenSigned
Oh I wonder what he has in store for her

Author's Response: It'll be fun, I'm sure! ;)

marisamarinee2014.09.16 - 06:49PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
Obey me, pet. Now. Love it

Author's Response: :)

marisamarinee2014.09.16 - 12:06PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Aww. Lmao I get the title now trololoo

Author's Response: :)

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