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Reviews for The Beginning of Truth

ASP092017.04.04 - 12:05PM32: No Rest For the WickedSigned
Please update!

shay146892016.05.09 - 10:39PM32: No Rest For the WickedSigned
I started reading this before I realized it wasn't complete. Please finish it!! It's been almost a year since you updated and it's been so good!

sochekhovian2015.09.01 - 03:06AM18: The LullSigned
Hilarious chapter ending! Overall, I really admire how you've managed to work with a lot of elements of canon (Snape's long-term love for Lily; the fact that Harry would need to see Dumbledore's memories to believe the truth about his plan) and fit your own AU narrative around them. In particular, I like how there wasn't a need to cheapen the earlier bond he had had with Lily in order to make the connection with Hermione possible now -- and indeed, he notices certain qualities they have in common.

loreen772015.08.13 - 10:19PM32: No Rest For the WickedSigned
Such a great chapter. Loved the update. Great twists and turns in the plot. I look forward to seeing the next installment!

loreen772015.08.10 - 09:58PM31: Burning BridgesSigned
Typical Harry, refuses to sleep, but that does not really do anything for her....another great chapter. The twists and turns in the plot have me riveted. I just wish I had more free time to read this faster.

loreen772015.08.08 - 11:31PM30: Wherein The Lines OverlapSigned
I just love your Narcissa, so much more depth than she is given in the books. Poor Mione, should of killed the goblet sooner.

loreen772015.08.05 - 10:47PM29: CatechizingSigned
I love Cissy as a character. She may be a bad person but she is completely devoted to hubby and son.

loreen772015.08.05 - 10:31PM28: Self-made CagesSigned
Yup, Harry really needed a dose of the truth, warts and all, and Snape was the perfect man to do it.

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