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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

KarenDetroit2016.07.19 - 06:44AM22: Chapter 22Signed
An excellent story! I've been out of fanfic for a while, and this was worth coming back for.

ickle_cat2014.01.23 - 04:37PM22: Chapter 22Signed
loved this story! a great read :D

Jadecadence2013.10.03 - 02:30AM22: Chapter 22Signed
Nooooo! That simply can't be the LAST chapter!!! Noooo!!! Please... Have an epilogue about the displaced students?

Leraiv Snape2013.08.28 - 02:05AM22: Chapter 22Signed
Still a fantastic story - I really love this one. It's just too much fun. Thank you for writing it!

Zarrid2012.08.10 - 03:39PM22: Chapter 22Signed
This was one of the funnest stories I've read in a long while! Thank you for writing and sharing this gripping, romantic with twists if humour tale! Love, Zarrid.

moor2012.07.01 - 01:37AM22: Chapter 22Signed
This was so much fun! :D (Though I did find that all the side-character hook-ups kind of detracted from the main pairing -- but nothing major.) Thank you for such a well-written jaunt through Regency Hogwarts. ;)

sorcha_b2012.06.11 - 04:35PM22: Chapter 22Signed
Very well written & thought out, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

ValueTurtle2012.04.16 - 04:52PM22: Chapter 22Signed
Oh, this was so marvellous! I hadn't seen the appeal of a Regency style story before, but you totally sold me on the idea - I've now gone out and read a bunch of them, and this one still stands out for me. The things that impressed me most were how you kept the integrity of the characters and their motivations, and the fact the Hermione/Snape pairing didn't get lost under the other romances. At no point did I feel like I wanted to skip ahead to the next time they interacted. Also it was funny and charming and had a plot! It was wonderful!

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