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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

s50m2012.01.16 - 11:19PM20: Chapter 20Signed
That was absolutely lovely! :) There were so many parts of this chapter that I loved that it is difficult to mention them all: Hermione and Severus's midnight chat, Harry and Draco's unusual - but completely endearing - pairing, Severus showing Hermione the foal, Albus with his goofy poker hat, and the romantic ball. I can't wait to hear Hermione's answer to Severus's question!

loreen772012.01.14 - 08:24PM20: Chapter 20Signed
I felt like i could not breath......so perfect, sighs.....

Cheezie_Puffz2012.01.14 - 01:02AM20: Chapter 20Signed
Sometimes I want to shake Severus-why won't he just give in?!?!

Leraiv Snape2012.01.13 - 03:50PM20: Chapter 20Signed
Clearly she's going to help put together and then teach a remedial curriculum for the Muggle-born students that got kicked out...once again, a superbly serious note in this lighthearted festival. You've managed to weave the magic around this Regency Week not only with the theme of the week itself, but also the "vacation" feel. Dobby and Draco's relationship and Snape's worry over the Muggle-born students adds a beautifully realistic reminder that the outside world is still turning - and that in spite of their fun, the world is still paying in so many ways for Voldemort. Nicely done, as usual.

christie092012.01.13 - 03:32PM20: Chapter 20Signed
I don't know why I feel so angsty. I guess I'm just as sad to see regency week over. As always, another lovely chapter.

MeliJ2012.01.13 - 03:24PM20: Chapter 20Signed
Hmmm, what IS she going to do after Regency week? Reading this story has really made me want to experience a regency week. Can't wait to see what they both decide to do now :)

MsTree2012.01.13 - 02:49PM20: Chapter 20Signed
*giggle* Even with all the secrecy, Hermione knew the boys couldn't resist a Quidditch match. You've got me on tenterhooks with the Severus/Hermione situation. What will Hermione do when Regency Week is over? ^_^

Andromeda2012.01.13 - 02:31PM20: Chapter 20Signed
Sigh... My heart was in my mouth at the end of this chatper... Come on Hermione, what ARE you going to do tomorrow!? He wants a sign that you're not just in love with him because of the regency setting. PROVE IT! Loving this story so much! P.S loved the col. brandon mention :D

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