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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

loreen772012.01.14 - 07:41PM19: Chapter 19Signed
Wonderful, i am so entralled by this story. Truly one of my favorite. I respect him for taking it slow and understanding she is someone that you do not leave after you shag them. If he sleeps with her, then they are together for a long haul.

christie092012.01.12 - 10:06PM19: Chapter 19Signed
Grr...Severus is definitely taking it slowly. But oh well, this was one of my favorite chapters. I love the build up with Severus and Hermione, and I love Harry and Draco's story. George and Luna was also a plus. :) Per usual, can't wait to read more!

MsTree2012.01.12 - 04:06PM19: Chapter 19Signed
WHAT is with Severus, anyway? He has a beautiful witch offering an invitation and he turns it down? Is he a time traveler from the actual Regency? Loved the comments on Rita, btw. ^_^

Andromeda2012.01.12 - 01:37PM19: Chapter 19Signed
SEVERUS SNAPE!!! How could he turn Hermione down! Bah! He's being a true gentleman by taking his sweet time. LOVED the Harry and Draco moments. And the idea for the muggle-borns returning to school - excellent!

Sariana2012.01.12 - 12:34PM19: Chapter 19Signed
Oh, is it bad that I was disappointed he wasn't taking her to see the filly? I'll get over it. ;) Yay fOr resolutions, boo for Rita Skeeter. And you know, I hate LM, but I have to give kudos where they are due. What's up with Severus? Somehow I don't think he's just being honorable. Poor Hermione. BTW, I almost died waiting for this update! I was rereading the whole story just to get my "fix."

Slytherfan2012.01.12 - 12:27PM19: Chapter 19Signed
I freakin' LOVE this story!!!! :D I check daily for updates! :) Keep up the fantastic work!! ^__^

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