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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

christie092012.01.12 - 10:19AM18: Chapter 18Signed
I love how despite Snape's decision to stay emotionally distant from Hermione he can't help but be drawn to her. I'm looking forward to see how their relationship progresses after regency week. Looking forward to more! Ah, I think we've been spoiled by the frequent updates.

loreen772012.01.11 - 06:40PM18: Chapter 18Signed
Yeah, LM got the snitch. Loved the image of him sailing through the air to grab it.

molly94292012.01.11 - 01:54PM18: Chapter 18Signed
Thanks for the quick updates. am enjoying the hunt and Lucius being "handled."

MsTree2012.01.10 - 08:29PM18: Chapter 18Signed
Interesting! I would never have taken Lucius as someone who was willing to get wet and muddy on purpose. ^_^

Cheezie_Puffz2012.01.10 - 08:12PM18: Chapter 18Signed
I have really been enjoying this story and the frequent updates have me constantly refreshing this site in hopes of finding another chapter...I wonder what will happen between Hermione and Severus during the hunt-I see a wonderful empty field in their future ;)

Sariana2012.01.10 - 07:06PM18: Chapter 18Signed
I am wondering whether you will return to the point about Ron's "deep memory" or whatever it was regarding Romilda Vane and her love potion from 6th year. Is that couple doomed, or was Severus's concern unwarranted? Unlike, apparently, many of your fans, I do not dislike Ron. I just don't like him with Hermione. But I would like to see him happy with someone else (not just besotted). Where is Skye (or was it Shadow?) when we need her? Oh, and I agree with PP from another chapter--George and Luna is a refreshing and believable pairing.

Andromeda2012.01.10 - 04:00PM18: Chapter 18Signed
Still loving it. It brigtens up such a long, tiring day when I see a daily update of this story. Seriously. I don't know what I'm going to do when you're done! Perhaps encourage you to write another?? ;)

Jong_Kahn2012.01.10 - 12:33PM18: Chapter 18Signed
You are pacing and unfolding this story so beautifully, it is sheer pleasure to read. For all the well-turned phrases you use, the one I liked best in this chapter was: "Draco was...lounging in the doorway as if he had all morning to lurk and smirk." It seems so natural to pair those two verbs with Draco Malfoy, you win the prize for having been the one to do itj! Just a lovely job, my dear, just a lovely job! Thanks, as always.

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