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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

loreen772012.01.11 - 06:12PM17: Chapter 17Signed
How come Dobby's death always brings me to tears more than almost nyone elses......guess I am just a sap. Great chapter.

s50m2012.01.09 - 11:56PM17: Chapter 17Signed
What an interesting twist about the magical cards that Snape played poker with. I just love reading about Dumbledore wearing that silly hat! I'm very hopeful about the next chapter. :) Keep up the fabulous work!

MsTree2012.01.09 - 08:06PM17: Chapter 17Signed
The Dobby story almost had me in tears (just like when I read the book), but the whole chapter was great! Harry's fascination with the birthing of the filly was spot on. I've seen the same look on children who have never seen a birth and watch puppies being born. ^_^

Leraiv Snape2012.01.09 - 03:49PM17: Chapter 17Signed
The part with Harry and Draco regarding Dobby was a surprising interlude in this lighthearted piece. I very much enjoyed Draco's story - and the way that he differs from his father in regards to house elves. It was a beautiful way for our two beautiful gents to come to the conclusion they've been wanting.

Andromeda2012.01.09 - 02:08PM17: Chapter 17Signed
As much as I LOVED the harry and draco moment (YEY!!!), damn you harry potter for interrupting!!!!!

Sariana2012.01.09 - 12:02PM17: Chapter 17Signed
I don't usually favor slash (not opposed to it per se, just NMS), but I love the way you have developed the relationship between Harry and Draco. I've never liked the Malfoys, either, but you have given Draco a believable amount of humanity in a realistic context (Dobby & etc.) as well as addressing Lucius's past and the animosity between him and the Weasleys. Your inclusion of the statement that he and Mr. Weasley never could be friends raised the story in my esteem because you acknowledged the bad blood (no pun intended) while still allowing Lucius the chance at redemption (which I don't believe he deserves, but that's JMO). On another note, the detail of your writing is incredible. The way you describe simple movements, such as how someone leans against a wall or crosses his or her legs or arms, makes it almost as though I am watching a movie rather than reading a story. I can absolutely picture the scenes in my head and see it all playing out before me. Excellent work. Any idea how much more there is to go? The "week" is almost over; does that bode the end?

Jong_Kahn2012.01.09 - 10:36AM17: Chapter 17Signed
Having the love of Dobby be the cement which finally brought Draco and Harry together was a stroke of inspiration. Emotionally it had the gravity needed to work as a true bond between them, and it capped the emotions brought forth by the birth of the foal. Not to mention how stirring the entire story of Dobby already is for your readers--you've got us all in your thrall. NICE work! Thank you so much!

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