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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

Lovely032012.02.09 - 07:12PM16: Chapter 16Signed
Bucksfizz, eh? Is that what the young people are calling mimosas these days? LOL

loreen772012.01.11 - 05:37PM16: Chapter 16Signed
Nowci am sad and weepy, predictions of heartbreak are not what anyone wants to hear.

Sariana2012.01.09 - 12:21PM16: Chapter 16Signed
Incidentally, with the exception of her predictions about Harry's imminent demise in Book 3, Trelawny was more accurate than most give her credit for, was she not? I have seen analyses of her predictions in the books, and I think most of them do turn out to be at least partly true, once the full circumstances are known. Her tarot card reading in Book 6, especially, is one "non trance" example of an accurate reading of events. The catch is the interpretation. It is quite easy to misread an omen.

Leraiv Snape2012.01.09 - 08:41AM16: Chapter 16Signed
Interesting...good take on Trelawney, giving her a bit more realism than JKR managed in the books - and I like the fact that Hermione has been shaken by it...I'm also impatiently awaiting an advancement on the Harry-Draco front, and what Lucius' reaction might be to that...

s50m2012.01.08 - 11:03PM16: Chapter 16Signed
Everything was going wonderfully until Hermione went to get her fortune told to her. Hopefully, Trelawney's prediction won't become reality. Even with the possible threat of romantic troubles ahead for Severus and Hermione, I still greatly enjoyed the chapter! :)

MsTree2012.01.08 - 08:32PM16: Chapter 16Signed
A 'flying man', hmmm? What would Draco want with Krum or Fin anyway? They're both depressingly straight. *grin* It seems Trelawney might not be so much of a fraud after all, unless she's been handed a bit of inside information. ^_^

Andromeda2012.01.08 - 11:30AM16: Chapter 16Signed
Nooooo - not heartbreak! That fraudster has to be wrong!! I wonder if Draco got the same thing about his 'flying man'?

Sariana2012.01.08 - 10:55AM16: Chapter 16Signed
Let us hope the 'heartbreak' means that splotch of ink on the parchment will be rent, or something equally innocuous. 'Procephies' (& readings) are funny that way, no?

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