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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

loreen772012.01.11 - 10:36AM14: Chapter 14Signed
Uh oh, ron and severus are gonna be in trouble with hg. Great plot progression. I love all of the attachments forming between people.

Jong_Kahn2012.01.07 - 01:43AM14: Chapter 14Signed
My dear Miss Subversa, it is no wonder that Miss Hermione is so alarmed! You have likewise agitated the feelings of your gentle readers, as well! I am wringing my handkerchief in such worry that I fear I may rend the lace tatting from its edge! You are quite naughty indeed, to enjoy our discomfiture so. Nevertheless, it is quite true I am looking forward to see how the next chapter is resolved. Oh, I do hope that the Headmaster is able to best Ronald in that chess match! (And I hope it is not too prurient for me to observe that I enjoyed the scene with Harry and Draco.) Thank you for all of your efforts in our behalf!

MysticRaven2012.01.07 - 12:46AM14: Chapter 14Signed
...and then Severus found himself on the receiving end of Hurricane Hermione.

MsTree2012.01.06 - 08:16PM14: Chapter 14Signed
"It seemed to him as if there were times when all a bloke could do to prove his love to his witch was ... something spectacularly stupid ... and he was just the one qualified to do it." And then proceeds to do so. I LOVED this chapter. *lol* ^_^

lynn_k_fletcher2012.01.06 - 04:50PM14: Chapter 14Signed
Really enjoying the story. Regency is something I've never looked into before. But you've really peaked my interest. Thanks for this story!

Sariana2012.01.06 - 02:23PM14: Chapter 14Signed
Severus doesn't have enough self-esteem to see it this way, but I see this situation as a win-win for him. Refusing the challenge would seem condescending to Ron, so Severus had to accept. He knows he can't win, but he should realize that Hermione will seek him out regardless, even if she has to use the riding lessons as an excuse. So Severus could make the whole thing out to be an act of chivalry toward both Hermione and Ron, and come out looking like the gentleman he so obviously is. Ron may win back Hermione as his escort, but that no longer matters in the grand scheme of things. Severus won't see it that way, however. And neither will Hermione, I fear. They'll all trip all over themselves and act like fools, I'm sure. Of course, that's what makes the story so much fun.

Andromeda2012.01.06 - 01:35PM14: Chapter 14Signed
Oh Hermione! Please ASK, before you go in guns blazing, what's going on, who's idea it was... Don't go for Snape's throat - Kill Ronald instead! Throw Romilda at him if you have to!

Loyd19572012.01.06 - 12:02PM14: Chapter 14Signed
Well, not sure what will happen now, but Hermione obviously believes that Snape is the reprobate in this scenerio. I can only see Weasley winning this. Knowing Hermione, she will not find out the whole story before flying off the handle. I so love this period-piece storyline, even if it is make believe for a fundraiser. These 2 are getting to the point that something must be said soon or disaster awaits.

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