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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 05:53PM37: EpilogueSigned
What does that mean?? The unicorn shook his mane and his dark eyes glittered with mischief. “It is time for me to run free again,” he said softly. And the former lord of the unicorn ran in the depths of the Forbidden Forest, alive again because a centaur had dared being involved with a human instead of staying a mere observer. Also how can you tweak the odds so the boy could choose this particular form?? If that is so then that means his real form isn’t a unicorn??? right???

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 05:45PM37: EpilogueSigned
what happened after this and before the epiloge?? Despite his distraction, his classes went normally, without any incident. He was a nervous wreck by the end of the day, wondering if the fact that she still hadn’t come to him meant that she had refused his proposal. True, it wasn’t romantic or feet-sweeping, but she knew that he would never do such things. Slowly, he made his way to the Great Hall for dinner. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her in front of him. The dying of the whispers gave him away and she turned around to face him. She reached for him and kissed him forcefully. Hope surged through him. He felt her lips brush against his ear and then, she whispered three little words: “Where and when?” It was all he needed.

adelgado2013.04.02 - 04:04AM37: EpilogueSigned
Great story. Loved it. Nice surprise at the end!

Lucretia1232012.03.30 - 02:38PM37: EpilogueSigned
Loved it!

Lucretia1232012.03.30 - 02:38PM37: EpilogueSigned
Loved it!

Montara2012.03.07 - 10:08AM37: EpilogueSigned
This story was so wonderful!!! I'm so glad that I stumbled upon it and read it! Thank you!

Book Lover2011.08.03 - 07:43PM37: EpilogueSigned
Ekkk!!! I almost squealed out loud at reading Firene brought back to life (not a good idea to squeal at 12.30am though in a house with others). I will admit that I sobbed like a baby when he was exiled and killed! Such a magnificent creature forced to his knees because he cared! Oh I'd have rallied against them! Grrr!! I absolutely adored this story and will be saving it on my pc so that I never lose it! =D XXX

loreen772011.06.22 - 09:34PM37: EpilogueSigned
Thanks for this unique and lovely fic. Your ideas were original and interesting. Good job.

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