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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

loreen772012.01.11 - 12:37AM13: Chapter 13Signed
Ron is being a total prat. Loved the pillow talk.

Sariana2012.01.10 - 07:00PM13: Chapter 13Signed
I agree with Dizzy--I thought the same thing about the doors and whose rooms were where.

DizzyB2012.01.07 - 02:01AM13: Chapter 13Signed
I love this story as I've loved all the stories you've written in the past. But I was a bit thrown by one point in this chapter. I thought Hermione learned about the headmaster being down the hall from her back in chapter 3 when Severus tells Ron that he was knocking on the wrong door. So I didn't get why this was such a startling revelation now. Again, excellent story overall though.

MsTree2012.01.05 - 03:16PM13: Chapter 13Signed
Cool chapter. Do you think Ron's on to Romilda's scheming yet? ^_^

Leraiv Snape2012.01.05 - 12:01AM13: Chapter 13Signed
Cool bit about the fans. My favourite dark horse couple emerging in this fic is the George-Luna connection. I don't think I've ever read that pairing, and her words to him about "you don't have to entertain me' were wonderful. Thanks for the chapter!

jenonymous2012.01.04 - 11:47PM13: Chapter 13Signed
I am enjoying this very much! My daughter is taking her literature course this school year among Regency authors, which means I am reading Austen and the Brontes for the first time (despite a very thorough education, I somehow managed to miss them first round). I have been reading another story where the HP characters are set in the Regency period AU style, and while I am enjoying that as well, I prefer this setting, where the characters have to cope with setting aside their modern mores and habits for a completely different society. And while you are posting with gratifying promptness, I almost wish I hadn't started reading until you'd finished posting! (^_^) Carry on, Madame, I'm having a wonderful time!

s50m2012.01.04 - 11:44PM13: Chapter 13Signed
I loved every word of this chapter, especially how Severus and Hermione's relationship is progressing. Also, I'm glad to see Hermione relaxing and allowing herself to enjoy Regency Week. Fantastic work! :)

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