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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

loreen772012.01.02 - 02:52PM11: Chapter 11Signed
Great chappie. Love hp trying to bow to the horse......giggles. wonderful detail in your writing.

Rosmerta2012.01.02 - 12:07AM11: Chapter 11Signed
What fun! I've just discovered your story and am really enjoying it. As a Regency fan, I can tell you've put a lot of thought and research into this, just like Hermione would. ;) You write so well and really make your characters come alive. I'm looking forward to more!

s50m2012.01.01 - 11:13PM11: Chapter 11Signed
Another lovely chapter! :) I love how Crookshanks keeps wandering into Severus's room! I also like how Draco and Harry's relationship is developing. I simply can't wait for the next update - I check several times a day! :)

MsTree2012.01.01 - 07:48PM11: Chapter 11Signed
Loved the chapter, but how *does* Crooks keep getting into Severus' room? A secret passageway, maybe? ^_^

Leraiv Snape2012.01.01 - 12:01PM11: Chapter 11Signed
I love the image of Harry and the horse, as if it's a Hippogriff. Another great illustration of the difference between the expectations of the Muggle and Magical worlds.

verasuspense2012.01.01 - 11:20AM11: Chapter 11Signed
Oh heck, he didn't wear the hat :-(

Andromeda2012.01.01 - 10:45AM11: Chapter 11Signed
Fabulous! I love how Severus realises that Hermione might not be completely innocent in the break down of her relationship :) Also, I adore DM/HP, so I'm loving the hints that we're seeing :D

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