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Reviews for Just to Be

Starcoaster2018.04.16 - 06:32PM1: Prologue: The ForgottenSigned
I've only now read this work and I just wanted to thank you for it. I'm a prolific and fairly hard-to-please reader of novel-length SS/HG fics and few stand out for me as this one did. Many stories lose their momentum or engagement once the pairing has been achieved and go downhill throughout the latter half of the story, this was one that didn't. The balance in terms of plot and romance was also excellent - I get bored of stories that are heavier on the plot than the pairing, but also those that don't have any depth or dimension (see, hard to please)! I enjoyed the epilogue very much too, and I like the way you mastered an ending that was both happy whilst tempered with realism, and avoided cliches (such as a surprise baby). So, thank you again and I hope you write more in the future.

tutai2017.11.04 - 09:23AM30: Epilogue: Ever AfterSigned
This is a beautiful, beautiful creation. Thank you so much.

loreen772017.10.01 - 10:27PM1: Prologue: The ForgottenSigned
War leaves behind so many children who are victims of the circumstance of their birth. I look forward to seeing how you handle this idea for your story.

lihf2016.06.22 - 08:48PM30: Epilogue: Ever AfterSigned
I loved this story so much ♡

KLeFay2016.02.09 - 08:15PM30: Epilogue: Ever AfterSigned
This is by far my favourite SSHG fanfiction story and one of my favourite stories of all time. The touching plot. The amazing writing. The beyond perfect ending. It has rendered me speechless. I'll have to log in again and give you a far more coherent review.

SpyderSylk2016.02.03 - 04:23PM9: Just to BeSigned
First: I love this story and the development. Second: I'm having a difficult time suspending belief on a couple of situations a. You state first that students from the orphanage come back during the summer, then you state that children from Snape's group, I guess) never come back. Is it just them or was that an oversight? b. You state that the teachers at Hogwarts turn a blind eye to the happenings to the Death Eater children. I can't believe that, even with the guise of "they heal their own wounds." Abuse to the degree you state is obvious eventually to all but the most drunk faculty. If they ignore this, they are no better than the Death Eaters themselves in mentality, and that brings me to question that they would be on the side of 'the light' in the first place, which we know they were. c. Minerva McGonagall being unaware of the happenings at Hogwarts. No. She was an astute and engaged faculty member, and also would be o better than a Death Eater if she ignored the abuse of childrfen of such whom had nothing to do with the actios of their parents. Also, that would develop adults with bitterness to form another round of Voldemort and Death Eaters. d. The castle portraits. Were they not aware? Of course they were; they see, hear, and tell everything. Albus Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmistresses' office? The past Slytherin house Headmaster portraits? None of these knew and brought this to her attention? These are just a few things I just can't get past no matter how I try. I enjoy your writing and love that you've given Ron some realistic maturing as well.

KennedyMcKinnon2015.11.15 - 11:59AM30: Epilogue: Ever AfterSigned
Wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable read!

marisamarinee2015.05.25 - 03:09PM30: Epilogue: Ever AfterSigned
Great story. One of my favorite.

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