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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

breastlady2013.08.09 - 02:04AM10: Chapter 10Signed
One would think that Harry's gaydar would be more discerning. I wonder if Ron is a backgammon player and doesn't know it? He doesn't really really that interested in Lavender. What is his attraction to Hermione anyway? He hasn't said. He hasn't seemed to notice her womanly virtues the way Severus and Viktor do. He doesn't admire her. It seems that Draco has his gaydar in tune, but he isn't going to put himself out there to play the humbug if Harry isn't interested. I hope Harry will get the hint.

loreen772011.12.21 - 12:07PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Yeah, subplot hp/dm is a fav of mine......great job with vk as te late unknown guest. I was suprised, but i love it. More please.

s50m2011.12.20 - 01:42PM10: Chapter 10Signed
I can't wait for the dancing lesson! :) Please update soon!

MeliJ2011.12.19 - 06:41PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Hmmm, dancing looks like it'll be fun for all involved.

Slytherfan2011.12.19 - 03:25AM10: Chapter 10Signed
Omg! DRARRY? :) I am looking forward to your next uodate! ^_^

MsTree2011.12.18 - 07:54PM10: Chapter 10Signed
The penney drops! Maybe things will get lemony between Harry and Draco? Or -- maybe not! ^_^

Andromeda2011.12.18 - 12:04PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Just found this story and I'm so happy I did. I love the Regency period and it's a quaint idea to have a Regency week at Hogwarts :) I'm looking forward to more updates shortly!

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