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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

Bree2016.09.07 - 11:00PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Uh-huh Severus. For "Hogwarts" I'm so sure ... ;-)

breastlady2013.08.09 - 01:24AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Oh yes! This is going to be quite the treat! (I'm clapping my hands and bouncing up and down) The chase begins and Hermione is about to have two rakish out and outers dangling after her while Ronald makes a cake of himself with that bit of muslin, Lavender.

loreen772011.12.21 - 11:51AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Of course it is all for hoggy hoggy hogwarts.....if you by that i gave a lovely colony of invisible fairies you can pay me for. I promise they are real....wink wink, nudge nudge.

s50m2011.12.20 - 01:53PM9: Chapter 9Signed
One of the many things that I like about this story is how clearly you are describing the Regency costumes. I've always been fond of the clothing of that period and imagining all of the characters in their tailored, elegant clothing is a lot of fun! :) Also, can Ron just go home - or at the very least, can someone just put a permanent Silencing Spell on him? Ugh, he is so aggravating!

inthedesk2011.12.18 - 09:23AM9: Chapter 9Signed
The plot thickens. Love it!

Leraiv Snape2011.12.17 - 09:17PM9: Chapter 9Signed
All for Hogwarts. He is SUCH a saint. *snicker*. I am looking forward to Ron's reaction to Viktor Krum's arrival - and the fact that Viktor is still very much more a fan of Hermione than he is of Ron. Hehe.

MsTree2011.12.17 - 04:06PM9: Chapter 9Signed
*snort* Yeah, right. For Hogwarts. You just keep thinking that, Snape. ^_^

verasuspense2011.12.17 - 01:17PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Somehow, older(when Viktor met hermione, he was 17 to her 15), sallow-skinned, big nosed men are best able to appreciate Hermione's allure :-D

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