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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

Bree2016.09.07 - 02:46PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Agh!!!! That's so freaking adorable how Snape responds to hermione at the end of the chapter!!! I've read this story at least 4 times and every time I read it I realize Ive forgotten how amazing it is and how much I adore it.

temeraire2012.01.15 - 02:53PM8: Chapter 8Signed
"The voice fell upon her like a coating of fondant on a ripe bit of fruit" and your linguistic prowess stirs my giggles like butterflies tickling the surface of a summery pond. (I.e.: I just love your storyteling, Subversa!)

MsTree2011.12.16 - 12:53PM8: Chapter 8Signed
So, I would guess Ron has left Hagwarts? Or is he planning something nefarious? AND with his mother there at that. ^_^

immortalbliss2011.12.16 - 07:41AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Haha. Hermione running away from Severus.. And Harry and Draco! Wonder when Ron's going to make an appearance (not a fan of him but I just want to see the reactions of everyone else when they find out)..

verasuspense2011.12.16 - 02:06AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Ron ? Ron who ?

jenonymous2011.12.16 - 12:36AM8: Chapter 8Signed
I am enjoying this so very much, Subv, but I am not the least surprised. I have spent my medium-length life being too busy to read Austen and other Regency novels until my teenaged daughters began casting about for something really good to read. I was inspired to keep up. This is whetting my taste for them again, after an autumn of Brontes and a brief break. I am at this time quite curious as to where Ron has got to. Carry on!

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