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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

Leraiv Snape2013.08.27 - 12:04AM7: Chapter 7Signed
"He would just have to suck it up and take it like a man." Very noble of you, Severus, comforting a damsel in distress like that. I really like that line, and this fic, more than any other I've read, walks through the ridiculous rationalizations we make for ourselves when we don't want to own up to an inconvenient truth.

MsTree2011.12.15 - 06:49PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Regency men weren't the peacocks Tudor men were, but they came close. ^_^

s50m2011.12.15 - 10:37AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Hooray! Snape's decided to charm Hermione! :) I loved how he talked himself into being nice to her - "suck it up and take it like a man" - all for the sake of Hogwarts. Sure, Severus, you keep thinking that! :) Lovely chapter and I can't wait for more! Also, I just wanted to thank you for updating so frequently! :)

immortalbliss2011.12.15 - 07:54AM7: Chapter 7Signed
LMAO at this line: The Ferret might not have twitched his bum like a girl, but he flounced like one, Harry reflected as he watched Malfoy go. Also, I wonder how the rest of the company would find out about the breakup. I'm also dying to know what activities are lined up!

verasuspense2011.12.15 - 01:00AM7: Chapter 7Signed
"It was his duty as Headmaster to partner Granger ..." Always nice to find a rationalization for doing what you secretly want to do :-D . Dare I hope that Severus will play bowls while wearing Col Brandon's hat ?

MeliJ2011.12.15 - 12:59AM7: Chapter 7Signed
I'm really looking forward to the Regency week events, especially to seeing Ron's reaction to Hermione and Severus :)

Leraiv Snape2011.12.14 - 11:37PM7: Chapter 7Signed
I love Snape talking himself into being Hermione's partner. "Suck it up and take it like a man", indeed! I cannot WAIT for Ron's reaction to the mess he's caused...

Jong_Kahn2011.12.14 - 11:28PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Slash away with Harry and Draco if you like--they are the two finest younger men in this group. After all, if Ginny's hot for Kevin Kerwin, Keeper of the Kenmare Kestrels (lovely alliteration, my dear!), poor Harry must find someone who will soothe his soul and keep the herd of groupies away. And I LOVED Severus talking himself into escorting Hermione for Hogwarts' good! Great chapter--looking forward to more! Thanks for all your hard work.

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