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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

duj2016.11.06 - 07:03AM5: Chapter 5Signed
I'm a bit confused about the results in that hand with all the sixes. How does George have only three of a kind ten high when there's a queen in the middle? Wouldn't he rather use that to make his hand than his second hole card, whatever it is? (I do enjoy this fic so much every time I read it. And not only because I share Hermione's reading preferences...)

Perry Downing2014.06.13 - 03:41PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Albus is clearly Up To Something ...

Hans2012.05.20 - 08:41AM5: Chapter 5Signed
Brilliant short within a brilliant story. I laughed several times.

Ethylene2011.12.12 - 11:33PM5: Chapter 5Signed
I was thrilled to see this story by you. You did such a great job with His Delicate Drought of Poison, that you've made me crave more Potter Regency fiction. I'm loving this so far. You always have a knack of writing a particularly strong, attractive Snape, in the character sense...his dialogue-- excellent and true to himself (er--your version of snape, that is). So, well done and i look forward to how it evolves. Cheers!

MsTree2011.12.12 - 10:03PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Um, Ron? You might decide it's safer to not be anywhere near Hermione when she finds out you lost her in a poker game. ^_^

Leraiv Snape2011.12.12 - 03:58PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Ron comes off rather badly in several of your pieces, but this one nicely put his temper on display. I can't WAIT til Hermione knows that he bet their schedule at Regency Week, and that she gets to spend the whole week with the Headmaster...

s50m2011.12.12 - 02:47PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Very nice chapter! I can't believe that Ron bet Hermione for a silly game! I cannot wait to see Hermione's reaction!! Super! :) P.S. - I loved that Albus ended up wearing George's poker hat.

verasuspense2011.12.12 - 01:58PM5: Chapter 5Signed
So Ron is not merely an asshole, he's also a sore loser. When Hermione finds out he used her as a bet in a poker game, it will be Kiss This time for sure :-D

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