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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

Lovely032012.01.17 - 04:50PM4: Chapter 4Signed
When he spoke of the other young lady fond of stomping her foot, was he speaking of Bellatrix? LOVE the story, btw!

Author's Response: Yes, he was speaking of Bella! And you're the first person who has commented on it. ;)

Jong_Kahn2011.12.11 - 11:25PM4: Chapter 4Signed
I love this story, I love this chapter, and I absolutely love the fact you are updating so often! Thank you so much!

MeliJ2011.12.11 - 06:15PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Gah, Ron's such a jerk. I hope Severus gets a little revenge on behalf of Hermione during the poker game.

Rema2011.12.11 - 05:07PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Interesting story:)

MsTree2011.12.11 - 04:05PM4: Chapter 4Signed
So the tirle is a double-entendre if I go by this chapter. Gambling in the Headmaster's office? What's next? Flooding the dungeons for swimming? ^_^

verasuspense2011.12.11 - 11:58AM4: Chapter 4Signed
Typo alert: "Surely you don't imagine I fail to monitor my progress *again* Potter ?" should be *against*. The sooner Hermione tells Ron to Kiss This, the better.

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