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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

s50m2011.12.11 - 09:52PM3: Chapter 3Signed
I can't wait to read about what happens when Hermione joins the hunt with Lucius and Severus! Also, I'm really liking this new side of Draco. Super job! :)

MsTree2011.12.10 - 07:18PM3: Chapter 3Signed
I really like the interaction between your characters. It's refreshing to read. By the way, is Draco coming on to Harry? ^_^

verasuspense2011.12.10 - 12:19PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Before anything, Hermione needs to break it off with Ron. What a crass imbecile ! Angry because she wouldn't let him into her bedroom after a drunken pubcrawl ? When somebody stays until closing time, they are pissed ! Never mind that he wasn't actually knocking on 'her' door, it still reminds me of a line from The Crimson Pirate . He: Why was your door locked last night ? She: If you tr ied to open it, you know why it was locked. Hermione had better check all the schedules ron completed, because they are probably all wrong. Though she does seem to want to do everything the hard way - 'real parchment, real ink'. I'm sure she could have gotten help. The House Elves, for instance, probably have a List-Making Charm .

Jong_Kahn2011.12.10 - 11:15AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Delightful chapter! The dialog was quite enjoyable, setting more groundwork for what's coming, both their activities and the plot itself. But what's this? "...Hermione pulled herself out of her own head. She glanced at Professor Mortelle, who was watching her with something perilously close to understanding." Is this a hint that perhaps Leticia Mortelle is not as interested in Lucius as she is in the Headmaster, and is therefore paying attention to Hermione's responses to him? We'll have to pay closer attention to Professor Mortelle, ourselves! Well done--thanks for the recent update, and look forward to more!

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