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Reviews for Blue-bound Beginnings

mt_nestor2018.02.16 - 08:18PM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
I love finding gems on Random Fic. Lovely story.

Jong_Kahn2017.11.01 - 04:37AM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
Oh, I love that last journal entry! What a perfect ending for this tidy little tale. Thank goodness for 'Random'--I get to rediscover stories I read (in this case) six years ago. Here's another "10" because it's so good. Love your work!

EclecticBonVivant2017.01.05 - 11:19PM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
This is very sweet - well done!

asprickman2013.01.03 - 05:41AM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
loved this, well written, neat and a pleasure to read, looking forward to reading more of your writing. Ending was perfect :)

iluvaqt2012.08.08 - 06:59AM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
Witty sarcastic musings at their best. Bloody brilliant

jenidralph2012.05.25 - 01:39PM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
I hope their date goes well. Lovely story. Thank you!!

SandyKinns2012.04.09 - 10:32PM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
Very cute, thanks for writing! I especially love his short little note at the end :)

Elizadolots2012.01.09 - 01:13AM1: Blue-bound BeginningsSigned
CUTE! I enjoyed this. Normally I love the long stuff..keep me going for 50 chapters, but this was sweet and real and very nice. Thank you.

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