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Reviews for Vitae Explicare Memento

loreen772017.05.14 - 05:48PM24: Chapter 23Signed
Brilliant chapter, to see her anger unleashed towards Rita was great. That journalist is more of a rat than a beetle in my opinion. I like seeing her get her new wand. And I hope she's ready for the journey ahead.

loreen772017.05.10 - 08:16AM23: Chapter 22Signed
Wow, what an amazing chapter! When Hermione broke through and was talking to Neville I started to cry. There was something so raw and beautiful about that moment. Then the scene at the end with Severus and "Urchin" talking was so perfect. Great job!

Leraiv Snape2017.04.23 - 04:36PM22: Chapter 21Signed
Continues to be an interesting story...well constructed and executed. I'm looking forward to Hermione's full recovery (I hope!).

mele2017.04.03 - 04:55PM22: Chapter 21Signed
I wish you would update more frequently. I had to go back and read the whole thing again and it took all weekend! Wonderful story!

MistressCosmos2017.04.03 - 11:11AM22: Chapter 21Signed
I'm very happy to finally see a new chapter. Having suffered extensive amnesia, which I'm still recovering memories from more than a decade later, I can relate to what she's going through.

loreen772017.04.02 - 10:55PM22: Chapter 21Signed
It's interesting to see her memories come back and very isolated fragments. Seeing her awkwardness with the baby felt very authentic. I'm so happy to see new chapters for the story. I look forward to more soon!

vickety2017.04.02 - 11:35AM22: Chapter 21Signed
I am still wondering if Severus planned to be gone with Draco there. Why was Severus gone? Did he ask Draco to challenge her? I love this story. Thanks for the update.

loreen772017.03.28 - 11:59PM21: Chapter 20Signed
I fell asleep trying to read your chapter last night, so I had to finish this evening instead. Excellent chapter. From sauced up Minerva to seductress Gretchen to finally frustrating Severus. You kept me on my toes and loving every moment of this angst filed chapter. I look forward to an update soon!

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