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Reviews for Golden Gain

deejay2014.05.02 - 02:53PM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
Your bio here shows a great many excellent stories never completed here. Is it just this site? Are they completed elsewhere?

loreen772014.01.12 - 11:37AM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
Great first four chapters. I really like the groundwork you have set-up here. Really fun ideas and plot. I hope the next chapter stops being difficult and you are able to continue this, I would love to see where it is going!

loreen772014.01.12 - 01:32AM1: Puzzles and ProblemsSigned
Dumb idea, she should know better.....but dumb ideas often make excellent stories.

Claery2013.02.11 - 08:39PM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
I liked it very much and I hope there would be new chapters very soon. Thank you for your story :)

jaemistoryteller2012.09.26 - 11:58PM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
Please return to writing on this, I am curious to see how it is going to turn out.

Montara2012.03.19 - 01:36PM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
I'm so glad you're writing a sequel!!!! Now that they're not under that spell anymore, maybe a natural love can blossom between Severus and Hermione. So much is happening right now in the story...can't wait to see what's next! Thank you!

Author's Response: I apologize for the long delay; the next chapter is being "difficult". But Golden Gain is not abandoned by any means.

Jong_Kahn2011.12.05 - 10:44PM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
Very clever, to have Poppy deliberately act like she's coming on to Severus, so that he avoids her at all costs! And I think the whole Squibs-at-attack slant is interesting, too. Neither one of those things is expected, yet both are believable. One thing I don't quite buy is Fenrir Greyback as a Squib who acted under the Imperius Curse. First of all , he's a werewolf--and a brutally nasty one. Even in canon, the 'under Imperius' defense was always considered spotty, iffy--not quite believable. One gets the impression from canon that Greyback needed no pushing to be vicious. Someone under Imperius might do what was commanded of them, but not with the 'extra' kick of someone who enjoyed inflicting pain. How does being a werewolf intersect with his being a Squib? Does his sister bring him a monthly Wolfsbane potion? These are all questions worth pondering here. Even so, I'll play along, to see where your story takes us. Thanks for all your hard work!

Author's Response: I'm rather tardy in responding to this; I do apologize. With regards to the Imperius curse - that defense was always considered iffy when applied to wizards. I don't think there's anything in canon to suggest that Greyback is a wizard. I'll be bringing that point out in a future chapter, along with addressing his nastiness. And yes, Poppy's been supplying him with his Wolfsbane potion.

adelgado2011.12.03 - 10:47AM4: Remorse and RevelationsSigned
bum ba ba bumm BUUM. Though I agree about Tom Riddle having signs in school of problems to come. But there was no real proof. And would that have justified him be uneducated? Or whatever her plan is. Dose she even have a real viable plan??

Author's Response: Plan, yes. Viable, perhaps!

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